We have assembled experienced, passionate industry experts. Our team is strong independently and even better together. Our clients receive attention and priority from each of us – and our Cannabiz Social Voice is fueled by each team members’ curiosity and research.


With a passion for business and a knack for making connections, Peter has worked with leaders from businesses of all sizes in a variety of sectors throughout Canada.

With nearly 20 years of experience, peter is a proven expert in public, government and media relations, and stakeholder management. He believes that at their core, effective businesses establish meaningful and enduring relationships and organization-wide understanding of business goals and communications priorities.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta and an Executive MBA with a Finance specialization from the University of Calgary. Both areas of study have equipped him with the skillset to understand the importance of a strong strategic plan grounded in communications tactics and useful key messages. His knowledge of corporate finance and ability to speak the language of business sets him apart as a communicator.

Peter was instrumental in elevating the national presence of Merit Contractors Association where he was Vice President. His public and stakeholder relations efforts helped to make Merit one of the leading construction associations in Canada. He also transformed Merit’s training programs into an industry benchmark.

His professional experience also includes the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, the Retail Council of Canada, and the executive branch with the Government of Alberta. 



Christina is co-owner and Chief Strategist of CIPR Communications, a communications firm that specializes in public relations, online communications, and campaigns. 

Christina believes in the power of meaningful relationships and strategic engagement both online and offline; her passion surrounding engagement has solidified her role as a leader within the communications industry. 

Christina has taken the path as an innovator in communications, public relations and agile online engagement. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters of Arts in Communications Studies, her education led her to focus her thesis around the ability to effect policy change through online engagement. She took her research across Alberta to understand what it takes for an individual to become engaged with government and policy online. Christina is one of few people in the country who has studied, and is committed to understanding why we engage online, and what keeps us coming back.  

A proven expert in digital communications including multiple online and social media platforms, Christina’s background includes developing and executing campaigns, managing projects and helping to establish strong online brands for a variety of organizations representing varied industries and sectors. 

Christina worked directly for the Minister of Tourism, Parks, and Recreation in Alberta. She was a part of the Travel Alberta Remember to Breathe campaign launch, worked with the Minister on the promotion of unknown eastern-Alberta parks, and played a key role in helping during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Alberta House and on the Alberta Train. Christina taught at the University of Calgary as a teaching assistant and has been a teacher, trainer, and facilitator for ten-years. 

Her corporate experience includes TransCanada Pipelines, Boardwalk Rental Communities, and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. 




Courtenay has been communicating for over a decade using words and graphics. Her education led her to graphic design, where she discovered the power of digital communications.

Since starting as a graphic designer, Courtenay has moved toward a more fulsome approach to communications with a focus on writing, web technologies and all things social media. She has worked in multiple industries and communities to deliver a clear brand vision accompanied by overall digital communications strategies and execution. She believes that the medium is the message and is committed to making sure a company's vision is expertly communicated, both online and off.

Courtenay has worked with Hitachi Canada on multiple business technologies, was integral to the digital communications team at the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and led Tourism Jasper's online initiative which led to their achievement of being the highest engaged with DMO in Canada online. 




Joleen is an innovator in the field of social media and digital communications. Her certification in major digital platforms including Google Analytics and Hootsuite set her apart from other communications professionals in the field. Her skills include the ability to create organic engagement and craft posts that resonate with key target audiences.

Joleen is passionate about the community and has a desire to give young people the opportunity to flourish as leaders. She believes great communications needs to empower people.

Her work experience includes social media organization, customer service, and event management.