Public relations and strategic communications firm CIPR Communications purchases Cannabiz Social

Calgary, Alberta, December 1, 2017

CIPR Communications Inc. (“CIPR Communications”) is pleased to announce that the agency has purchased Cannabiz Social, which is a company that provides social media support services to the cannabis industry in Canada.


Cannabiz Social’s new ownership group plans to expand the suite of services offered by the agency, and to turn it into a full-service strategic communications, public relations and social media marketing agency that is highly specialized in cannabis communications.

“The Canadian cannabis industry will face restrictive marketing rules that will need to be navigated carefully and creatively,” explained Cannabiz Social President, Peter Pilarski. “As a specialized agency we will be well positioned to help cannabis industry companies to navigate these challenges.”

The agency’s parent company, CIPR Communications, has a track record of providing successful public relations campaigns through the strategic use of digital communications and social media, media relations, and stakeholder and corporate communications. The company will extend these services to clients in the cannabis space through Cannabiz Social and will also launch an industry podcast and blog focused on profiling the individuals working in and around cannabis.

“The Canadian cannabis industry is full of interesting entrepreneurs and pioneers,” continues Pilarski. “People have left well-paying jobs and taken on huge risks to be involved in this new industry and we want to tell their stories through our industry podcasts and blogs, as well as through public relations activities.” 

Cannabiz Social’s new management team is planning to rebrand, to rebuild the company’s website, as well as to grow its team over the coming months to accommodate growth. The company will be open for business during this transition period, which is expected to be completed by April 2018.

About CIPR Communications

Everyone has a story to tell, but how you tell it is often more important than the story itself. Today’s story-telling dynamic is fundamentally a two-way communication channel. It’s not just about picking the right channel, or the quantity of content you put out; it’s about how you engage your audience, cultivate communities and build relationships.

As public relations consultants, we help our clients adapt to the changing world of communications in order to directly reach their target markets and create connections between their needs and your solutions.

About Cannabiz Social

We are Cannabiz Social, a CIPR Communications company. We exist to empower the cannabis industry through innovative social media services.

Media Contact:

Peter Pilarski, President
M: 403.462.1160

Courtenay Davidson