Cannabiz Social adds Competitive Analysis Report to support cannabis players’ marketing efforts

New competitive analysis offering gives cannabis brands critical data for digital marketing decision making

April 30, 2019, Calgary, Alberta

Cannabiz Social announced today that the company has added a Competitive Analysis Report to its service offering to help the industry navigate the challenging and restrictive cannabis marketing environment. The new service has been designed specifically for the cannabis industry and allows cannabis brands to compare their online presence against five direct competitors.

“We hear a lot of frustration from the industry about cannabis marketing restrictions, so we designed our competitive analysis report as a solution,” said Cannabiz Social President, Peter Pilarski. “While cannabis industry marketing is restrictive, there are digital marketing tactics available. They are being used by the industry’s leaders and all cannabis brands should be leveraging them.”

Cannabiz Social’s competitive analysis report covers digital marketing fundamentals, such as website performance, organic search, paid search, local search and social media activities. Utilizing a variety of online research tools such as SEMRush, Silktides Prospects, Google Keyword Planner and other tools, the report provides cannabis companies a comprehensive picture about the digital marketing activities that are being used and provides direct comparisons between the activities of each brand being analyzed. 

“In a highly restrictive digital marketing environment, it is critical that cannabis businesses get all of the fundamentals right,” added Pilarski. “This report provides tremendous insights, which can be used for smarter decision making. It has been designed to give practical, bite-sized data points that can be immediately acted on to improve digital marketing performance.”

The Competitive Analysis Report is comprehensive and provides cannabis companies of any size and with any budget a digital marketing roadmap. For example, information obtained as part of the website performance section of the report can inform a cannabis brand about the necessary technical updates need to their website to make it perform better, including information about website speed, bounce rates, usability and business conversion. Local and organic search tests can tell a business if and how it shows up on Google and other search engines and how it can be improved.

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