The Cannabiz Social Competitive Analysis report will provide you with essential business intelligence clearly highlighting what marketing activities your competitors are currently engaged in – and how you compare to them.  

In a highly restrictive marketing environment, it’s critical that your business gets all of the fundamentals right - Make smarter decisions by understanding what your competitors are doing or missing out on online.

We gather information and interpret the following data and use our findings for the basis of our digital marketing recommendations:

ws perf.png

Website Performance

We test the technical performance of each website as well as other technical factors that can affect customer usability and business conversions.

org search.png

Organic Search

We test and analyze a number of key factors that directly contribute to a website’s ability in being indexed by the search engines and found by web visitors.

paid search.png

Paid Search

We test and analyze the level of paid search advertising activities within Google and other search engine partners – while paid search is highly restrictive and almost non-existent in the industry, some companies have had some success in this realm, so we take a look.


Local Search

We test and analyze how visible each business is within local search directories like Google My Business and Yelp. We also inspect whether online reviews are available for prospective customers to read.


Social Media

We test and analyze the level of social media engagement, the frequency of content posted, as well as how often the businesses are being shared socially.