Our team of communications experts, led by our Communications Lead Brad Stables, can support your public relations, stakeholder engagement, social media and crisis communications plan needs from beginning to end.


A strategic communications approach ensures that your cannabis brand is represented in a consistent, responsible, approachable and memorable way and helps your team to speak with a consistent voice. Because of the many marketing restrictions placed on the cannabis industry in Canada, the importance of strategic communications and stakeholder engagement cannot be over stated.

Public Relations

A robust public relations strategy is critical to the marketing and communications success of your cannabis business. We work collaboratively to identify community events, public relations campaigns, and partnerships that ensure our client’s brand has a positive reputation in their target markets and the areas they operate in.

Stakeholder Relations

Your stakeholders are internal and external. We work with clients to develop strategies that engage employees and inspire advocates. Our leadership team is experienced in facilitating stakeholder engagement sessions and planning meetings that ensure all key groups have a seat at the table. We are experts in internal communications execution and external communications activation.

Media Relations

Our team can manage and execute the full spectrum of media relation needs. Our process begins by working with our clients to develop a strategy and timeline for media hits. We draft eye-catching releases that standout on the newswire. We pitch and help to tell your story to our media contacts. We ensure our media relations efforts are leveraged across your communications channels.

Media Training

Our leadership team has over two decades of experience with media. They coach clients to better understand the media landscape, media process, and media techniques. Each session includes on-camera training and ability for the client to practice their own company key messages.

Social Media

Our outlook on social media involves steady and eloquent content that fosters a connection between brand and customer. We use a variety of tools to deliver content across a mix of social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and more.

Crisis Communications

An accident rarely happens at 2pm on a Tuesday – we give clients the tools to respond to a crisis at any time, day or night. We create detailed crisis communications plans that take in to account all communications channels, several crisis scenarios, and create a clear process for communication. We coach our clients through drills to practice execution, so you are ready when you need to be.