Pattern Micro Cultivation

The Job

Our team was hired by Pattern Micro Cultivation in its early stages to take their current brand model and update it with the new company direction. Pattern started as two separate entities, which needed to be tied up with one solid brand. As the business direction shifted in the initial stages, they needed their assets to reflect the changes.

Pattern Micro trusted Cannabiz Social to fully develop a brand that would accurately represent them in the market place.

Pattern Micro relied upon Cannabiz Social’s expertise to create all assets relating to the brand to be visually appealing to both customers and investors, with the goal of standing out in a saturated market through modern design that mirrors their unique business model.

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About Pattern Micro Cultivation

Pattern Micro Cultivation’s turnkey solution helps growers to transition into the legal cannabis cultivation ecosystem. Their team will provide you with oversight and support through every step of this process, including:

  • Security Assessment & Upgrades

  • Licensing Applications

  • Compliance

  • Facility Design and Build-out

  • Equipment Sourcing

  • Financing

  • SOPs

  • Branding

  • Business Logistics

  • Processing

  • Analytics

  • Distribution

  • Ongoing Support

Pattern builds GMP certified cultivation facilities or upgrades existing ones and integrate them into their scalable growing platform. GMP certification allows Pattern's cannabis to be exported out of Canada by a purchaser with the required licenses.

The state-of-the-art Pattern Micro Cultivation Facility was designed by an award winning architect and a world class cultivation guru. They designed and managed a well-known Canadian Licensed Producer. Mechanical, Engineering, Electrical, and Plumbing design are overseen by a leading expert who has worked on hundreds of the previous MMAR designation applicants as well as several ACMPR facilities across Canada.

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