Northside Grow Co.

The Job

Cannabiz Social was hired by Follium, a craft grower in infancy to rename and develop their craft cannabis brand. Their name was initially established in order to apply for permits and licensing, but after some time and internal discussion they decided that the name was not reflective of their vision.

A compliant and stand-out brand is the first step to ensure a positive reputation. An attractive brand allows a Client to build a positive reputation and start moving towards generating interest from prospects that will eventually turn into leads.

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About Northside Grow Co.

Located in Northeast Calgary, Northside is a local Calgary company providing hand crafted cannabis products. They are dedicated to providing high quality, unique genetic strains for medical and recreational clients who seek to include cannabis in their lifestyle.

Northside’s focus is on accessibility and community. They believes that everyone should have access to cannabis, to experience the benefits for the mind, body and soul.

As active members of the Calgary community, Northside Grow Co hopes to positively affect the community through philanthropy, community involvement and knowledge. From the growers to the owners, Northside's roots are Calgary.

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