Background and Introduction

There’s no doubt that the world of social media is growing and at a rapid pace. But the sense or want for connection is not something that is entirely new; it is the immediacy for the technological world that is changing the game of human connectivity. Social media now allows for numerous platforms for two-way communication in an instant! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter connect us in ways that traditional media no longer can.

Social media should be a key component of your marketing and communications plan.

At Cannabiz Social, we work with a variety of cannabis related businesses looking for clarification about the rules surrounding cannabis social media. Unfortunately, current laws within the Cannabis Act are vague, and confusing but the most important thing that you can do with your cannabis social media platform is to provide education and information that helps consumers make informed decisions about cannabis.

Elements of Cannabis Social Media



Social media is an excellent way to tell your brands story and reach your intended audience, and growing your platform is essential to reaching these goals. Growing your platforms following can be achieved by providing strong calls to action on your social media posts, whether this be a download, or link to your blog or website. Customer incentives is another way that you can build up your following, by giving your customers a reason to come back to you.



Now that you have attracted an audience of followers to your cannabis social media platforms, you want to keep them. It’s important to keep up the engagement on your social media, as this is how your followers are going to interact with you and your brand. Our expert social media advisor suggests utilizing features such as Instagram stories to provide additional content engagement for your followers that fall outside of your curated grid style.

But social media is not all about the visuals. Sharing, commenting and sparking conversations with your followers are also a great way to increase your social media engagement.



It is important to consider your audience and ensure that you are providing them with top quality content that is easily digestible for them. The best way that we have found for you to organize and plan out your content is through a calendar approach. By using a calendar you have a high level, and visual plan of what is coming up each week as well as the ability to plan as far in advance as you’d like! There are many online platforms out there that help you to schedule your content, or you can go the traditional pen and paper route.  

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Through our expertise at Cannabiz Social, we work together with you and your business to pick out which social media platform would be the best fit for you. Through our experience in the industry you can trust us to know what is best! Are you leaning more to the creative visual and graphic design? Maybe Instagram or Facebook is for you. Are you hoping to portray a more professional stance in the cannabis industry? You might want to consider LinkedIn. Want to prove short and snappy bits of information to your followers? Looks like Twitter would be the platform for you!

Cannabiz Social offers a variety of social media services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more – or 403-462-1160.