Cannabiz Social’s Guide to Putting Uncle Earl at Ease About Your Cannabis Use Or Job in the Industry – or Both


Well, It’s that time of year again!

The time when family comes together regardless of their beliefs, politics or disagreements to share in the joy of the holidays. But how many of us end up working overtime rather than relaxing when Uncle Earl has a few rum and eggnogs and decides to challenge our take on the world?

With the glorious end of cannabis prohibition, it might mean you no longer have to hide your pre-dinner toke, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged for it. You might even work in the cannabis industry now, and we all know how much your family wants to know everything you’ve been up to since the last get together.

We know that cannabis legalization, consumption and cultivation is still a volatile subject for many Canadians, so we thought we’d arm you with a few quick defenses, so you can move on to stuffing your face and binging some Christmas classics.  


Uncle Earl: Cannabis is dangerous, you never know what it’s laced with.

You: Legalization means that cannabis is now highly regulated. You can access safe and trusted product from reputable, verified sources. And hey, you can order it directly from the government and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Uncle Earl: This doesn’t benefit our economy, it’s just more reasons for the government to take our money.

You: Legalization means less money spent on policing an illegal substance. It means less people being processed through the court system on taxpayer dollars. Instead it generates revenue that can be put toward improving social services such as public education and hospitals…

Uncle Earl: There isn’t enough research to convince me it’s not bad for you. Legalization is reckless.

You: Legal products get funding for studies and early indications have already shown the many health benefits that cannabis can bring. it’s when it’s prohibited that agencies refuse to do research because they can’t fiscally benefit from it. Expect research to sky rocket in the next few years.

Uncle Earl: How do you know what’s going to happen to you on that junk?

You: Legalization means options. You get to pick your strain, the potency and the method for consumption. You definitely know what you’re getting when you purchase from a legal outlet.

Uncle Earl: We should be investing in real industries that need our help, not a new one.

You: This industry is already employing countless people with a massive range of experience and skills. You need people to grow, regulators, marketing professionals, designers, sales people, transport drivers, safety inspectors, lawyers… the list goes on. The industry has opened doors to a massive amount of people seeking employment and will only continue to grow.

Uncle Earl: What about all that money we put into the War on Drugs? How can we just give up?

You: Legalizing takes business away from illegal black markets. By making cannabis legal, organized crime will lose revenue and in turn, power.

Uncle Earl: What’s next? Heroin?

You: Maybe you think that prohibition of cannabis has been effective, but the fact is that people have been consuming, selling, and growing cannabis for decades. This has only resulted in clogging up our justice system with minor drug infractions and hundreds of millions of dollars unsuccessfully spent on the war on drugs.

You got this. Now go enjoy a toke, sit back and relax, knowing that Uncle Earl is one step closer to supporting your recreational choices or your new career path.

Merry Christmas!