Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Trina Fraser


Trina Fraser is a partner with Brazeau Seller Law, specializing in Business Transfer and Acquisitions, Cannabis Law, Corporate and Commercial Low, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Technology Law. She sat down with us to talk about her journey in cannabis law as we approach legalization in October, 2018. 

All eyes will be on Canada after October 17, to see how this experimentation of legalization of cannabis goes.

Brazeau Seller Law is a business law boutique operating in Ottawa. They have cannabis law related experience dating back to 2013. Trina saw a need over the years for expertise in the field and refocussed her firm to specialize in it. Now cannabis law represents 90% of her business. Trina and her team can walk you through the process of establishing and structuring a cannabis-based business, assembling a team, raising capital and building out a licensed site. They view all aspects through a business and regulatory lens. 

Follow Trina on Twitter @trinafraser and check out her firm’s website.