Tour de Bowness Street Festival Recap


On Monday, Aug. 6, the Cannabiz Social team had the pleasure of being a vendor at the Tour de Bowness Street Festival and bike race. It was a great turnout of Bownesians and Calgarians making their way to the area to see what the local character community had to offer.

Not only was it a great way to enjoy some family time for the summer’s second last long weekend, it was also a great way to interact with community members and businesses, while also checking out some hardcore biking.  Seriously, those bikers, folks. Zoom zoom.


Nestled between Elan Family Wellness and Little John’s Leather and Links, our booth was conveniently located near the Tim Horton’s on Bowness Road and 64th Street, providing people an opportunity to get themselves a cool drink and place of shade and reprieve from the sun after spending time at our booth.

One of the things I noticed was just how many people are interested in cannabis with legalization only months away. “Excuse me, would you like to take our quick survey on cannabis?” This piqued the interest of a lot of people.

I think it’s great that people are open to having conversations about the plant, its benefits, the science behind it all, and asking as many questions as possible to have all the information they need.

Our Cannabiz Social draw box that was available to win was a huge hit among cannabis consumers and connoisseurs. One woman was so enamoured with the vape pen she asked to open the box and inspect it. It was a great topic for conversation.


The survey also brought upon good conversations within our booth, and getting the time to educate people on Bill C-46 and seeing their face upon hearing what it is shows we still need more information and conversations about it. As a person who is deeply interested in the bill, I also wonder how it will affect people working in industries where they have to take drug tests (and I also think it’d be a good blog article/opinion piece in the future).

For as great as it was to interact and interview a handful of people, it also was not surprising people were less than willing to go on camera for a short interview based around cannabis-related questions, so kudos to the opinionated and educated people who did volunteer their time.

Hearing from a veteran who suffers from PTSD and how cannabis helps him in his daily life was a really meaningful and powerful conversation. You can see what the plant means to many people and how it’s not this violent narrative it’s been portrayed to be. It’s why more conversations need to be had.

When we asked if people wanted to come check out our booth and have a chat about cannabis and legalization, some vehemently declined, and I feel if people had more education and info and see how it may be a tool in their lives, we can have more conversations and open more mindsets.

Big thanks to all the volunteers and people who offered up their time on this holiday long weekend to help Bowness show off all that it has to offer, its unique heritage, and embrace the future of this lovely hidden gem of a community. We hope to be back next year!

We want to hear from you! What was your favourite part of the Street Festival? Will you come interact with Cannabiz Social if we come next year?