The Haze Podcast - Stephanie Ostrander of Keystone Labs

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The cannabis marketing environment is restrictive and challenging. The Haze uncovers best practices, winning strategies and favourite tactics for building successful and enduring cannabis brands. If you work in the industry, run a cannabis company or have any role in building a cannabis brand, this podcast is for you.

In this episode of The Haze, Peter sits down with Stephanie Ostrander, the founder of Cannabiz Social and now the account manager of Keystone Labs. Stephanie found herself in the cannabis industry after craving some change from her previous roles and started the Women Grow Chapter alongside Alison McMahon after seeing a lack of networking opportunities in the industry. 

Stephanie is a tireless connector and networker, and this is something she credits her success in the industry to. She has been active in supporting industry networking in Alberta and western Canada and she has supported those activities through active online engagement.

Stephanie saw the importance of social media in the industry in order to connect people and generate leads, which was ultimately her reason for starting Cannabiz Social. After a while of searching, Stephanie says she found her “forever job” with Keystone Labs, A GMP pharmaceutical testing facility has been around for 15 years now.  

Stephanie shares her drive to connect those in the industry. By utilizing her network, she is building a sense of community that she thinks is an integral part of the cannabis industry in attempts to help everyone involved grow. Creating strong relationships is the foundation of her approach to an online presence. She finds that building trust and engaging with someone online is a more open and personal approach to building connections.

Keystone Labs is always happy to answer any questions and provide education to those wanting to learn more. Check out their website at

"With marketing by connecting people through social media rather than the more classic versions, you get to know people on a more personal level, know their values and it allows you to build trust"

If you are wanting to connect with Stephanie directly, she will gladly answer any questions via text message at 780-224-2095 or follow her on social media @stephostrander. 

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