Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Sheldon Bailey


Sheldon Bailey believes there are many paths to recovery from addiction. He also believes that harm reduction saves lives and recovery allows us to live. Sheldon’s has had a successful business career in the communications and recruitment fields, which became seriously challenged during Alberta’s latest economic downturn. As his business started to suffer, his addiction problems with cocaine began to grow. Sheldon has since overcome his addiction challenges and he now works as an addictions advocate.   

If you look at cannabis in comparison to other drugs and alcohol, I think it’s a safer drug. Instead of a gateway to harder drugs, cannabis could be a gateway away from the abuse of harder drugs
— Sheldon Bailey

He believes that cannabis has potential as a gateway for people looking to reduce their dependency on harder drugs and he supports work being done that can help society better understand the potential of cannabis from this perspective.  

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