Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Ryan Lalonde


This podcast saw Peter Pilarski and Dario Alvarez speak to Ryan Lalonde, Founder and CEO, Buddi. The two spoke about Buddi, what it’s all about, Ryan’s background, how he got into the cannabis industry, company branding, and where he sees the cannabis industry heading down the road.

“Buddi is our first product, and hopefully the first of many products and innovations we can bring to the market,” the Vancouver native Lalonde said.

Buddi is a digital producer information and content management platform that connects retailers and producers to branded content with end customers while they shop. The producer can create and centralize their real-time product content and turn this into consumer-facing content.

"The best way to understand your brand is to understand your customers.”

Ryan was always interested in technology, studying business at Simon Fraser University. Out of school, he worked as technology consultant. Decided to focus on the cannabis industry. He felt this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There are numerous benefits for the users of Buddi. The consumer doesn’t have a lot of opportunity to be transparent. “Where is it being grown? How is it being grown? This empowers the producer to share their story and get their brand out and be transparent. The best way to understand your brand is to understand your customers.”

Having a system where the retailer can store information is key. They want to be able to standardize the way they serve customers. The key differentiator is customer service by far. As Lalonde said, they’re not touching the plant, just supplying information, adding he thinks there’s going to be a disconnect between the producer and retailer, and it’s their goal to fill that gap with a smooth information system.

Lalonde noted this is a fairly huge market with so much opportunity. “It’s a cool space for Canadians to be in. We have the chance to be international giants.”

Check out the Buddi website or email Ryan to get in touch!