Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Paul Dhillon


Before getting involved in the cannabis industry, Paul spent many years working in sales and retail jobs and throughout his adult life, he was able to see firsthand how medical cannabis helped people around him. After becoming a medical cannabis patient, himself, Paul was fortunate to find a sales job at a hemp company, giving him his first glimpse of what it was like working in the industry and firsthand experience in understanding the cannabis supply chain.

The consumer wants an easy solution with respect to categorizing and understanding cannabis, but the science hasn’t caught up yet.
— Paul Dhillon

From there, Paul decided to combine his extensive sales and customer relations background with his interest in cannabis to start Cultivated Solutions, which is an online training and education company that offers a balanced academic and highly customized approach to cannabis education. The company launched with a retail sales program and has expanded from there. Cultivated Solutions currently works with cannabis retail companies and licensed producers, providing with product knowledge, sales and customer relations training.

Check out the Cultivated Solutions website for more info, follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn and connect with Paul here.