The Haze Podcast - Nicholas Jones: Corporate Shaman and Brand Strategist with the agency Brand Is Truth

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The cannabis marketing environment is restrictive and challenging. The Haze uncovers best practices, winning strategies and favourite tactics for building successful and enduring cannabis brands. If you work in the industry, run a cannabis company or have any role in building a cannabis brand, this podcast is for you.

In this episode of The Haze, Peter sits down with Nicholas Jones, Corporate Shaman and Brand Strategist with the agency Brand Is Truth, which has been working closely with Licensed Producer Boaz Pharmaceuticals on the creation of their corporate brand.

The genesis of any brand comes from the source, which is inside the client. That could include the founders vision, the founders heart, the core team, or in our case with Boaz, where we were able to come down to where that seed begins.
— Nicholas Jones

Listen as Nicholas explains the brand strategy behind Boaz Pharmaceuticals and the need for meticulous care and attention to be brought into a brand’s creation to ensure the brand’s elements are consistent with the company’s fundamental values. With a unique and holistic approach, Nicholas shares how he only works with brands that have “the insides to match the outsides”. Meaning that they are committed to being authentic, genuine, honest, and truthful to who they are as a client.

If you are working on your cannabis brand or want to gain a deep understanding into what should go into a brand development project, you won’t want to miss this episode – Peter and Nicholas go deep into the topic of “brand” using Boaz as a case study.

To see how this project turned out, please visit their client website at:

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