Must Follow Cannabis Industry Social Accounts


The Cannabiz Social team is feeling inspired after a great weekend at the Cannabis and Hemp Expo in YEG. The opportunity to meet and interact with so many driven individuals and companies navigating the complex transition to legalized cannabis was exciting and encouraging. We thought we would share a small sample of these individuals and companies with you all. We encourage you to give them a read and tap into their wealth of knowledge and experience.

10 must follow social accounts


At the YEG Cannabis & Hemp Expo, we had the privilege of being booth neighbours with BOAZ. Over the two days, we got to meet their incredible team, learning more about their operations. BOAZ produces handcrafted medical cannabis, with a prominent focus on the cultivation process. We were very impressed by their branding and strong social media interaction with the use of #HOUSEOFBOAZ.

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2. Stephanie Ostrander

Stephanie Ostrander is an established cannabis industry professional. Currently, she is an account manager at Keystone Labs; in addition to her experiences with caneXions, Cannabis At Work, and CannaBiz Social. Stephanie shows her love and support for the cannabis industry - the people and the community as whole. Give her a follow and learn more from her industry knowledge.

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3. Sundial Cannabis

Sundial Cannabis is one of the larger licensed producers and will no doubt be a major player in the industry far into the future. Sundial Growers cultivates cannabis in a highly regulated environment, ensuring their product is the highest quality possible. During the YEG Cannabis & Hemp Expo, we had the opportunity to connect with some old friends from Sundial. Peter Pilarski, President & CEO of Cannabiz Social, moderated the brand building and promotion panel which included Connor Young, Marketing Director at Sundial Growers. Connor was able to share some impressive insights into marketing and communications in the heavily regulated cannabis industry. Peter also had the opportunity to discuss the medicinal benefits of cannabis with Dr. Jamie Cox, Chief Medical Officer at Sundial Growers. The Sundial team continues to impress, proving themselves as industry leaders.

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4. Canndora Club

Canndora Club’s unique approach, focusing on the female market and their specific needs in the cannabis industry, continues to set them apart. Canndora Club believes that the cannabis industry has long been failing their customers, offering the wrong products. That’s why they created a lifestyle brand and online store specifically for women. Canndora has identified a niche and is representing their community unabashedly. Give them a follow at:

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5. Zoe at Zenabis

Zoe Patko is the Marketing Manager at Zenabis. With over 10 years of experience in marketing, her knowledge and passion for the industry will, no doubt, ensure that Zenabis reaches its goal of becoming one of the largest licensed producers of medical and recreational cannabis in the world. They will do this with their diverse team of experts and ambitious national cultivation plans. Follow her at:


6. Bud + Bloom

Bud + Bloom is a unique company owned and operated by an Edmonton based artist that is focused on combining her passion for art and cannabis. Bud + Bloom creates floral arrangements with cannabis product incorporated into the orders. Follow them at:

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7. John Michael MacNeil

John is the Corporate Red Seal Chef at Namaste and Zenabis. John is combining his culinary expertise with his passion for cannabis to create incredible infused foods. We were amazed by his cooking demonstration at the expo and learned a lot about cooking with cannabis. Follow him at:

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8. Fire and Flower

Fire and Flower is an Alberta based retail chain that is focused on providing Canadians with a curated experience during their shopping experiences. By providing cannabis, cannabis oil, accessories, and merchandise for cannabis users they are more than your typical cannabis retailer. Follow them and allow them to be your guide at:

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9. CaneXions

caneXions is a great account to follow for building connections within the cannabis industry. They are committed to helping businesses succeed in the cannabis industry by providing supportive events and networking opportunities for the growing industry. Follow them to learn more about networking in the cannabis industry.

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10. Top Leaf

Top Leaf is an online cannabis retailer providing craft cannabis. During the expo, Peter had the opportunity to discuss brand building and promotion with Jay Pilon, Director of Experience at TopLeaf & BC Weed Co. His background and knowledge will no doubt help this company reach its full potential.