Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Megan Henderson


In this week’s episode of “Profiles by Cannabiz Social”, we hear from Megan Henderson, Executive Producer of The Growth Op, with Postmedia. 

Henderson got her start in the industry while working with clients on the marketing side of things. Henderson ended up cutting her teeth on custom content publishing, magazines, websites and video development. In 2016, “a friend of mine and I decided ‘hey, we’re both really into cannabis,’ it’s something we believe in as a product, and they had announced potential for legalization, so we said let’s start our own content website for women in cannabis.”

Once the site launched, it was logistically challenging with both women working full-time jobs and trying to maintain the type of flow needed to build an audience. 

The site gave Henderson insight into where the industry was going, and the advancements being made. This drove her already existing passion for cannabis even further. 

“At the time, I was already working at Postmedia on the media strategy side and had heard internal rumblings we were thinking of launching something within the [cannabis] space.” 

Henderson made it known she had some experience in the industry and the legalities involved with advertising in the space. Things quickly evolved, and Henderson started assisting with what would become the internal guidelines for the company. 

Henderson is excited about what Growth Op has to offer consumers looking to have some questions answered and to gain a better understanding of the cannabis space. 

  • How does this affect them personally?  
  • How can they get a prescription for medical cannabis? 

Growth Op has two main audiences and several key content areas: the business and the consumer audience as well as a steady flow of health and culture that will increase post-legalization. 

Henderson delved into the obvious hot topic surrounding the marketing restrictions facing the industry right now. 

“I think if you talk to most of the LP's reviewing the Cannabis Act and regulations, not much is going to change post-legalization in terms of what they’re going to be able to accomplish, in fact, it’s going to be more restricted. You’re not going to be able to show people and lifestyle images in your ads.” 

There is a regulation that will require all of your advertising to include your company name that is on your license. If you’re an LP, we’ve seen a lot of them come out with recreational brands. That’s great and yes, you’ll have that logo branding in your ad, but you have to make sure that the licensed name appears is in that ad as well. It’s a strict requirement that nobody’s really focussing on. 

Henderson and Growth Op aim to strike the balance between editorial and advertising while sharing stories around innovation in the industry. 

The number one thing they’re seeing is people looking to understand medical research around cannabis in order understand how it can be used in their own lives. 

Henderson receives constant jokes and puns about cannabis when she tells people outside of the industry what she does for a living. Inside the industry she obviously gets a different reaction, often being referred to as ‘reefer queen’ around the office. The people within industry are encouraging and passionate and it makes the whole thing positive for Henderson.

There’s so much that’s going to happen by October 2019, it is going to blow things out of the water. We’re going to see products like chocolates, bath bombs, skin care and in five years cannabis will be a prolific part of our wellness regimes. 

While edibles are going to skyrocket post-legalization, people have to be educated. Chances are strong that there will be people who don’t educate themselves properly, they’re going to over consume, and have a bad experience. 

“We’ll look back on this time and say, ‘why did it take so long to get to this?’” The more research we accumulate, the more we’ll be able to show the benefits and figure out how to best maximize these benefits and move past this sad part of our history. 

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