Marijuana Going Mainstream in 2018. What to Expect.


Legalization and Normalization



Despite the controversial nature of cannabis in some circles, 2018 will undoubtedly be a turning point in history. Breaking free from close minded, traditional views we see a rebirth of cannabis with an entirely new belief system. With the majority in support of legalization in Canada, we will soon see cannabis become mainstream.


With new brand sophistication and a modern image focused on business and education, the new cannabis culture that is taking shape in Canada appeals to an entire new demographic of business professionals and canna-curious individuals. Cannabis products have expanded to infused oils and creams, which makes the product more appealing to users. The stereotypical cannabis user has an entirely new image. As Ben Schller from Fast Company quotes “Marijuana is losing its grungy, pothead, ‘gateway drug” reputation and becoming something more modern, artisanal, and premium”. The Cheech and Chong profiles have gone up in smoke and we have drifted towards a more sophisticated customer persona. 

Along with the new user comes an evolved communication system and marketing strategy. Over the years 1,200 slang words have developed to describe cannabis. As new people become curious and educated on cannabis we see the vocabulary evolve too. It is progressively being moved off the streets and into medical centres or even at home delivery programs. This shift has brought about a new focus of health and wellness. New products are being marketed with terms like organic, medical, lifestyle, wellness, and self-care. As Schiller states “Cannabis will go from being a drug that gets you high to being something that offers “relief” and “wellness”.


The cannabis space is an emerging industry with many competing voices, interests, and ideas. The space has drastically reinvented itself and the traditional ways of thinking in the cannabis industry are long gone.  As marijuana becomes more mainstream, the industry opportunities will expand and we will see exponential growth and new innovation.

At Cannabiz Social, we are thrilled to be part of this evolution – as communications professionals with a public relations and marketing focus, we feel a sense of pride in being able to help to reverse 95 years of propaganda and negative stereotypes. 

As the legalization of adult-use cannabis comes to pass in 2018, we will be talking to individuals with a variety of backgrounds about their interactions and experience with this fascinating plant.

We hope you join us!