Legalization Day - Nova Cannabis


Legalization Day – A sneak peek inside Nova Cannabis in Calgary – (it was wonderful)

To celebrate cannabis legalization day, Cannabiz Social had the opportunity to see the Nova Cannabis retail store in Calgary a couple of hours before they opened. The store was beautiful, impressive, and the place was buzzing with positive energy – a bit like how I would imagine Christmas feels like at the North Pole! For those who can’t make it into the store, we thought we would summarize our observations: 

House of Brands – Big Time

Nova Cannabis

When you step into the store, the first thing you notice is that it is truly a “House of Brands” retail shopping experience. The walls were lined with display cases and information cards about cannabis from every licensed producer currently supplying cannabis in Alberta. The information cards clearly mark the name of the cannabis producer at the top, followed by information about the strain, the THC and CBD profiles, terpene profiles, a description about the strain and some of its traits. The back of the cards also offers a brief description about the licensed producer that grew the cannabis described on the front of the card.

Nova Cannabis

Cannabis Containers with a “Smell Panel”

There are specialized display and smell containers located throughout – There are about 15 of these around the store, featuring cannabis samples. The containers are very cool – they have a magnifying glass on top, which allows you to take a good close look at the cannabis contained within and it also has a rubber stopper, which can be moved to allow the customer to get a sniff. 

Untitled design-2.jpg

Tons of Information about Cannabis

Types of Cannabis

Everywhere you look inside the store, you find information about cannabis and cannabis consumption. The walls have large posters throughout that explain the differences between Sativa, Indica and Hybrid blends. Information is presented in a clean and easy to understand fashion. There is information about consumption, recommending that consumers “Start Low and Go Slow”. Posters throughout the store explain cannabis consumptions methods and what consumers can expect. For example, information includes things like, what to expect from smoking at the onset and how long the experience can last. 

Large Variety of Accessories

From preparing to storing and everything in-between.

From preparing to storing and everything in-between.

What surprised me the most was just how many accessories are available for purchase and the quality of accessories carried. Vaporizers, rolling papers, high end bongs, rolling trays – you name it, they have it! But unlike a traditional headshop, which is usually cluttered with an endless and overwhelming supply of accessories, Nova’s store has small display cases with accessories located throughout. They are not overwhelming or imposing. Accessories are displayed with class and a great sense of style – much like the rest of the store.

Written by Peter Pilarski, President at Cannabiz Social.