The Haze Podcast - Kieley Beaudry of parkland flower

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The cannabis marketing environment is restrictive and challenging. The Haze uncovers best practices, winning strategies and favourite tactics for building successful and enduring cannabis brands. If you work in the industry, run a cannabis company or have any role in building a cannabis brand, this podcast is for you.

This week on the Haze, Peter Pilarski speaks with Kieley Beaudry, co-founder of Parkland Flower. Kieley has been a consumer of cannabis for most of her life and cannabis use has become integrated positively into many aspects of her lifestyle. Sadly, Kieley had a family member who battled brain cancer and passed away from the sickness. During the treatment process, Kieley witnessed the power of medical cannabis and she saw firsthand how the plant helped her father-in-law manage his treatment and the illness. 

Kieley started Parkland Flower with two other co-founders, and they are in the early stages of building their cannabis business. Their micro cultivation operation starts construction next month and they are currently in their licensing phase. In this podcast, Kieley and Peter discuss the important and difficult process of marketing in the restrictive cannabis industry, talk about the importance of building a personal brand and share about which tools and social media platforms have worked best in terms of building a cannabis brand. 

“You build that personal brand and then talk about your company. Word of mouth is not going to go away, and social media is definitely very important. I think when you’re in a local environment all of those things play together, and people will come back for the value,”

Check out what Parkland Flower is doing on Instagram and follow Kieley’s personal Instagram. Want to get in contact? Email