Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Jodi McDonald


In this episode of Profiles by Cannabiz Social we welcome Jodi McDonald, President of Keystone labs a company she founded in 2005.  

Keystone Labs is a GMP pharmaceutical lab in Edmonton. As she eloquently describes in the podcast, Jodi has built a team of technical excellence and insatiable curiosity towards science that deliver consistent, high-quality testing results for her clients. Keystone is a Health Canada registered medical cannabis testing lab and is continuously expanding its services to meet the high stakes demands of the fast-paced marijuana industry. Their 3,000 ft lab expansion will have four new pieces of state of the art testing equipment that will position them at the forefront of required regulatory cannabis testing and product development. 

Recently, their Health Canada approved Dealer’s License was amended to include manufacturing, processing, packaging, labelling, and selling cannabis related products to Licensed Producers and Licensed Distributors. The import/export and innovative product research and development possibilities are endless. 

Her team patented the KEY-BOX, a personal cannabis test kit that delivers cannabinoid profiles, and THC potency data of dried herb and oil for designated growers. 

Jodi loves talk'n science, problem solving, and contributing ideas to different scientific industries and communities. As a Canadian, Jodi, is thrilled to be a member of the sprouting cannabis science community and super proud to be from the land of big skies, big mountains, and bigger ideas. She also loves being privy to incredible innovations in our industry before the general public. Listening to radio, riding her cruiser bike and spending quality time with her family are some of her special joys.

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