Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Jake Levin and Andrew Duffy


This week we speak to Jake Levin and Andrew Duffy, founders of Best in Grow. Jake and Andrew met at Harvard University and became interested in the cannabis industry when they realized the importance that psychology and behavioural economics had within the cannabis sphere. They noticed several problems within the industry and wanted to solve them by having every cannabis operation on the same page. This led to the creation of Best in Grow, a web and mobile platform that helps retail and dispensary operators to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness in the cannabis environment. Their company provides scheduling, task management, product information, feedback surveys, sales strategies, and more. Their organization’s goal is to help cannabis businesses do the best work that they can through the use of their software.

“U.S. brands spend approximately 80% of their marketing budgets on trying to access budtenders and get them on their side, helping to streamline that and give them that community of engaged budtenders is one of our biggest value propositions to brands by far. “

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