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At Cannabiz Social we know that cannabis marketing is no easy feat in an industry packed with confusing rules and regulations, making it a much different task than marketing in a more open, traditional sense. Our experts strive to provide cannabis communications and marketing services that not only fit your company and brand ideals, but that also fit within the confines of the Canadian cannabis industry.



Opportunities for marketing in the current cannabis industry are far and few between and that has a lot to do with legalities that have not yet been clarified.

So how can a cannabis company begin to navigate the murky waters of the Canadian cannabis industry? Education of The Cannabis Act is a good place to start, and although unclear in a lot of cases The Cannabis Act is clear in stating that it’s intent is to protect young persons from being persuaded to use cannabis.

For any promotional activity to be permitted under the Act, it must not be appealing to minors. Along with that, your branding should also not contain any visual elements that show ways of life associated with glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring. It’s clear to see how marketing and communications in the cannabis industry can seem like a lost cause as traditional marketing is all about portraying and playing off of certain lifestyles.  

Another way that cannabis marketing agencies differ to that of traditional marketing agencies is due to the product’s highly-specialized nature. It isn’t just any other product – it’s focused and specific to all aspects of the industry. It takes some knowledge of the cannabis community itself to be able to curate content that not only resonates with your intended audience, but is also responsible, accurate and speaks to the cannabis culture.


Because of the differences in approaching marketing and communications in the cannabis industry, hiring advertising agencies or media relations planners isn’t going to work the way it once would. Instead, you should look to build your marketing team through hiring the best SEO strategists, content marketers, and public relations agencies available to you.

Cannabiz Social does just that. Highlighting our work in content marketing, web development, communications, and graphic design to direct your cannabis company through the changing communications and marketing channels within government regulations. 


An agency that isn't a true believer in what your business is trying to accomplish can't really do the best job possible. We have a belief in the growing industry and Cannabiz President, Peter, is an advocate in the cannabis community, ensuring he shares information and informs our followers through our podcast The Haze, and our social media channels and is present at industry events to learn more, and share with others who have an interest in the industry.

What do we see next for the cannabis industry? More growth and we are ready for it! As the regulations surrounding the cannabis industry change, so will the ability to market. When these changes come, Cannabiz Social will have continued to build a sustainable framework for building trusted and proven cannabis marketing campaigns to satisfy all of our customers needs!