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Need a cannabis brand that follows the rules? Here is how Cannabiz Social can help.

Remember the days before adult recreational cannabis legalization, when the only visual representation of a cannabis brand was a green leaf? Well, times have changed. Not only do companies have the need to stand out in a saturated market, where the competition is fast and fierce, they need to stay within the rules laid out in the Cannabis Act (for more info on this see here).

Why Brand Design Matters

Design is a part of everything, and good cannabis brand design hardly gets noticed. Why? Because it is executed in a way that is so pleasing to either your eye, or through user experience, that you seamlessly move through it as a viewer without giving it a thought. Unless you’re a designer, of course, then it becomes the only thing you notice. But how many times have you seen poor design and had a reaction to it? Not all attention is good. Less is more. And no, it shouldn’t be animated…

So! How do we deliver cannabis brands that will live with our clients in perfect harmony for as long as they desire?

This process starts by creating a relationship with the people behind the brand, workshopping missions and visions, understanding their goals and target audiences. We don’t start designing until we squeeze every bit of information and background out of the client we are creating for. Why? Because time is money. And we are committed to getting it right the first time, so they don’t find themselves in need of a rebrand a few years down the road.

Here’s how to go about starting the cannabis branding process:

Brand Strategy – This is important for any business. Not only will it influence your brand direction but it will be your guide for anything and everything you release to the public – including but not limited to marketing, social media, public relations, and general development.

Brand Positioning – This is where your mission and vision are outlined. Along with your leading statements, you will outline who your business is for, why you’re creating it, and how it works. This document will be your anchor and will direct how you and your employees represent your business to clients, investors and partners.

Brand Name Development – This is the first point of reference for your brand positioning. From learning about your business and your goals, we come up with a list of names that speak to your target audience, while avoiding anything cliché and outdated. We want your name to truly reflect who you are.

This step of the process also includes verification that the name is available to be claimed through a practical URL, that its not already being protected through copyright or trademark or other means. You may be amazed with how many great brand names are NOT available in the cannabis space because someone has put a claim on it – for this reason, coming up with a great brand name is much more difficult in the cannabis industry than it is in other sector – verifying that your desired brand name is available is a very important step that can easily be overlooked by many graphic designers.

Logo Development – Design starts here! This is the most exciting part of your brand development. Everything will start to feel real at this point, when you can hand someone your business card with your new logo, update all your social media accounts and start pushing to a flawlessly branded website. We always design with application in mind. We want to deliver something that will grow with your business so we ensure you’re delivered a suite of layouts that can work in any and all scenarios. 

Brand Guidelines – A brand only works if it’s represented consistently. In order to remain consistency, you will need some guidelines. Included in the guidelines are sizing and colour rules, when and where to use which layout of the logo, colour schemes, typeface restrictions, photograph and iconography style suggestions. This document can and should be shared with any contractor that will be working with your brand.

Brand Application – Now that you have your beautiful new cannabis brand, it can start being applied to all aspects of your business. Your brand should appear consistently, everywhere your business is being represented – stationary, social media, website, marketing, legal documents, tradeshow booths, signage, invoices… the list goes on.

 Our creative lead believes that less is more, and that your logo should be simple, legible and clean. Think of how it will look on a screen with 100 other brands, how it will appear on signage, in a magazine advertisement. You will have plenty of opportunities to compliment your logo with photography and other graphic elements, so stick with something that can stand alone or become a part of a bigger design without getting lost.

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