The Haze Podcast - Chris McGrath of Atlas Growers

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The cannabis marketing environment is restrictive and challenging. The Haze uncovers best practices, winning strategies and favourite tactics for building successful and enduring cannabis brands. If you work in the industry, run a cannabis company or have any role in building a cannabis brand, this podcast is for you.

In this episode of The Haze, Peter sits down with Chris McGrath, Business Development Manager at Atlas Growers. Chris has been working in the cannabis industry since October 2017, initially for one of Atlas’ joint venture partners. Now located in Edmonton, Chris has grown with the company, doing everything from web development to communications to trade show planning and much more. 

Atlas Growers is focused on pharmaceutical grade cannabis production and downstream formulations. With an understanding about the competitive nature of the industry, Atlas was able to cultivate and process oils in October of 2017, setting a record for the fastest license approval of 12 days. Chris believes this happened because of the type of facility they built, being indoors, GMP compliant and most importantly the most controlled environment in Canada to date.

Chris understands the marketing challenges in a restrictive industry and says, “you have to get inventive with your marketing strategies”.  Atlas has been focusing its marketing on science backed information in order to educate their target audience – at least until they have products to offer!

In the podcast Chris highlights the importance of great cannabis production infrastructure and what that means in terms of quality, human capital and doing their best to market their business in a highly restrictive environment. 

"Regulatory compliance is something to always come back to when talking about marketing and branding in the cannabis space right now"

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