Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell is President and Portfolio Manager with StoneCastle Investment Management Inc, where he recently launched the StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund. With 25 years of investment experience, Bruce started working in the investment sector immediately after graduating university with a Finance degree. He holds a number of industry designations, including Certified Financial Analyst and Alternative Investment Analyst Designation.

There will be opportunities in this sector short, medium and long term, not just in Canada but globally.

Bruce began investing in the cannabis industry when changes to legislation started to enable the medical cannabis industry in 2013. His first investment in the sector was a private round with Tweed and he continued to invest in cannabis companies from there. He began the process of creating the StoneCastle Cannabis Growth Fund about a year and a half ago and it recently launched and became available to the public. The goal of the fund was to structure it to be as flexible as possible and to achieve that goal, StoneCastle ended up creating it as a prospectus based mutual fund approved by the Securities Regulator.

We think the long-term opportunities in the cannabis sector will be in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

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