Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Brittany Carbone


This week we speak to Brittany Carbone, Founder and CEO of TONIC, which is a US based company that creates handcrafted CBD + botanical blends to help calm your mind, heal your body and #FixYourVibe.

Brittany worked in the health and wellness sector as a personal trainer and health coach for six years. During this time, she was an avid cannabis user, both medicinally and recreationally. Brittany’s anxiety and depression were reduced when using cannabis, but she needed to find a consumption method that would allow her to focus on her personal training clients. Brittany learned about the benefits of CBD and realized that it worked well and provided the essential benefits that she needed.

“There is this real tangible science behind CBD and cannabis, and how it interacts in our bodies and why it is such a powerful medicinal tool.”

This created the vision for TONIC. She took her knowledge of supplements and wellness and combined CBD with purposeful, plant-based ingredients to create elevated wellness products. She began by sharing her knowledge and her homemade samples with her clients to enhance their workouts and lifestyles. Today, TONIC provides CBD blends using herbs and superfoods that can help individuals in different aspects of their lives.

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