Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Camille Chacra


In this episode of “Profiles by Cannabiz Social”, we spoke to Camille Chacra about her unique story and reason for starting her company. Camille started off as a journalist at a local radio station in Montreal. When she became a medical cannabis patient, she quickly realized that the cannabis accessories market did not have a lot of products designed to cater to female consumers.  

Camille decided to create a brand with all the items she loves, while also creating a few of her own. “It speaks to this lifestyle, and I want women like to me to feel that these products really speak to them, and they would love to use on a daily basis. Our signature item is called the “Chill Box.” Every month is a new themed box with a cultured selection of items and essentials – a cute little gift to give to yourself.” 

Allume ships their products everywhere in Canada and Camille says products are in strong demand and hitting the markets where cannabis is popular. “Right now, I have two custom products: enamel pin with our signature bud design and also a lighter case.” 

“If it’s something you’re interested and passionate about, go for it!"

After getting frustrated by the lack of items on the market that fit her style and catered to discreet consumers – women in particular, Camille’s genesis and idea for Allume came at a house party. “Someone had been smoking and asked me to pass them their shoebox. When he opened it, I saw his paraphernalia and it sparked the idea in my head that I had to create something.” Allume, in French, means to light up, but also “lit” and a bit wild. 

With adult-use legalization on the horizon, people in Camille’s circle and across the country are less shy about smoking in public. There’s less shame involved. Just the fact there’s progress is exciting. 

Her goal has been to be a part of the rebranding effort of cannabis. There’s this misconception around industry and she wants people to see it as a lifestyle instead of a vice. Cannabis helps so many people, and “I wanted to create a female-focused approach. In terms of the aesthetic, it’s a mix of Scandinavian minimalism meets ‘70s chill. I was inspired by so many little things and thought that women like me would enjoy the look and space and feel comfortable. It can be intimidating when buying accessories, especially for the first time.” 

Cannabis is about sharing knowledge with people. If people are open to exposing themselves to the knowledge and articles, you’re bound to be more open and people will understand you. Knowledge is power. Having as much information as possible is valuable. In this day and age, to cannabis, it’s so important to be educated.  

Using her experiences and passions, Camille created a section on her website where people can go and learn about cannabis. They also have a podcast that covers a wide variety of topics. So far, they have released two episodes with more on the horizon. One podcast was an exploration of sex in cannabis, and one on 4/20 culture. 

“I wanted Allume to be a multi-dimensional experience that didn’t just focus on shopping, but also expanded knowledge. I’ve had a lot of people reach out and ask us to write about various topics. I love getting suggestions about what people want to hear.” 

As a trailblazer in the cannabis space, Camille offered advice near the conclusion of the podcast: “if it’s something you’re interested and passionate about, go for it! You’re going to learn about the narrative and what to expect. There are so many great people involved in industry. People support each other and there’s a real community. I hope to see more diversity. It’s still really an old boys club. We’re starting to see more women coming in and leading the charge. Also, more people of colour. They’ve long been excluded and discriminated against I encourage anyone to throw themselves into it. Makes the industry more rich and diverse.” 

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